Terms of Service

What follow are the Terms of Service. Your use of POETRYSEEN.COM, LLC (the “Site”) is bound by the Terms of Service. By using the Site, you agree to the Terms of Service, and further agree to be subject to the Terms of Service. POETRYSEEN.COM, LLC publishes videos of readings or performances of original works of poetry. The Site will also consider short poetry films of 5 minutes or less. In addition, the Site offers limited edition art prints available for purchase.

The Site distributes to its viewers (the “Users”) videos of poems read or performed (the “Content”) in two ways: First, by a YouTube Channel. Content on the YouTube channel is freely available for download and is restricted only by YouTube’s own Terms of Service. Content published on the Site’s YouTube page may also appear on the Site. Second, Content may appear exclusively on the Site, and is not available for download.

The Site maintains links to other websites. The Site is not responsible for the content and policies of these other websites, and denies all liability incident to the use of these other websites.

Users view the Site at their own risk. The Site disclaims liability, and is not responsible for any technical failure in the transmission of any Content to the User. The Site further disclaims any liability, and is not responsible for any damage to the User’s hardware and electronic mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones, and software resulting from any and all uses of the Site.

The Terms of Service are subject to change. Users are advised to check the Site for the latest Terms of Service.