mIEKAL aND & Liaizon Wakest “AlphaTree”


mIEKal aND lives outside the constraints of academia in the most lush and rural part of the unglaciated driftless area of southwest Wisconsin choosing to focus on creating wilderness and abundance surrounded by the perfect setting for limitless imagination. His course of action includes demonstrating alternatives to inbred aesthetics, delighting in the play if DIY culture, and making art and writing thetis both anarchic and noises.

aND is the author of numerous books, many available via Xexoxial Editions (http://xexoxial.org).

Liaizon Wakest is a human of the sublunary world. He was raised in an open environment free to explore. He has no formal training as an artist to break free from. Only the preconceived notions gathered from talking to strangers. He has shown his work in various parts of the world. He is currently based out of New Orleans, Louisiana.

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