“Lights Out” (Excerpt) Anuj Rastogi


“Lights Out” is a commentary on gun violence in the U.S., and “the hijacking of a reasonable common sense discussion of the subject.”

“I wrote this piece in two separate parts, at points in 2014 and 2015 after seeing the fallout of more mass shootings. The words may or may not resonate with some, but the fact remains that no other developed nation faces a crisis like this.”

Anuj Rastogi is a Toronto-based composer, spoken word poet and writer. He has composed and produced for film, studio, and has performed with a number of diverse artists across Canada, the US, the UK and India.

As a spoken word artist, his works include “Breaking News” and “I Wanna Know,” and he has released new singles and concept videos for “While You Were Sleeping,” an ode to his children and future generations, as well as a full version of “Lights Out.”



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