Hollace M. Metzger “Return to Me”


Hollace Metzger is an American-born author, architect, vocalist and visual artist. In her work, she seeks varies representations of constant movement, the passage of time, associative memory and the subconscious through abstract forms and alternative “perspectives” often combining different art forms to communicate it. Now a resident of both France and the US, she has also lived in Paris, Brooklyn. London, Reims, Alaska and Venice, Italy.

Jean de Oliveira is a Portugese-born poet and filmmaker. He has been writing prose and poetry since the age of sixteen, experimenting with words and images that combine the intimate world of his poetry to the expressionism of his visuals. In addition to “Return to You,” Hollace and Jean have collaborated on other short films exploring poetry, including “There is a Darkness’ and “5x.”

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