Bradley Penner “FLARF: Questions for an Unborn Child”


Bradley Penner was born in Fresno and raised in California. He studies poetry at San Francisco State University where he is a Co-Editor-in-Chief at Fourteen Hills: the SFSU Review. His poems and essays have been published in MARY: a Journal of New Writing, sPARKLE + bLINK, Sutra Review, and others.

For Penner, “Flarf is an algorithmic byproduct of the technological sum. It’s an outburst of binary code converted to the text. Flarf would not exist without the internet. The internet is made up of us, but isn’t us. What is generated on the internet by us has become its own entity. Flarf asks how the poet may siphon and emit this internet’s messages. Jack Spicer wrote in his poem “Sporting Life” that “the poet is a radio,” a transmitter of messages beyond one’s control or linguistic responsibility. The search bar dominates the playing field. What’s produced is an auto-erratic dictation of networked intention. The poet’s only intention is to listen and transcribe.”

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