Ashby McGowan “Many Voices (Performance)”


Ashby McGowan writes: “CV2. A project I am involved with is multi-voice theatrical poetry. I have helped set up a multi-voice group in Glasgow, Chromatic Voices 2. There is an article about my multi-voice writing in the poetry mag, Infinity’s Kitchen. And there are various articles on the web by me about multi-voice. Just Google “multi-voice poetry” (e.g., My multi-voice work has been featured on National Radio and performed at the Scottish Parliament. I have written for Amnesty International, and for the United Nations (who said my poem was “beautiful”). I have performed as part of a multi-voice group at many human rights events and at many different theatres. Multi-voice is a new and exciting poetry form which allows the performers to emphasize emotions and actions in the poem by means of precise vocal interactions. It can even be used to perform a poem in one language and provide the translation at the same time. It is not a gimmick. I am (honestly) trying to start up multi-voice groups around the World. Please contact me if you’re interested.”

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